If you are struck by the beauty of some people, but you can not remember what he was wearing - so he was dressed perfectly.
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Fateful call led to the signing Slaggert models of DNA in New York. Quickly after that, it was used for Calvin Klein Spring 2016 menswear show. At 6'2 "with an athletic build and benevolent nature, Slaggert represents that clean-cut look Calvin trip to Milan for the brand's spring 2016 show Slaggert provided with a series of new products :. His first trip to Europe, his first fashion show and his first time seeing the intricacies of the backstage fashion scene. "There are a lot of interesting characters in this industry, I think that was the great and wonderful piece of work in the fashion world," he said. "But it's great to see people who really express yourself!"

For one more time shows under his belt, fashion Slaggert future looks bright. Although he spends his spare time to completing his degree, he still manages to find time to immerse yourself ... Read more »

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Of course, Gene Kelly, perhaps, proved that it is good to be an American in Paris back in 1951, but when we think of aliens, basking in the light of the Eiffel Tower, this is American girls Karl Lagerfeld from his spring 2008 Chanel show, which They come to mind, in this show, where in harmony Ronettes "Be My Baby", Lagerfeld plunged it deep into the tropes of Americana. Stars and Stripes appeared on everything from cocktail dresses to wear long shorts with bold shoulders bolero. Willowy evening gowns were glittering gold star ornaments, and says nothing about the denim! Whether it was in a bathing suit or as a jumpsuit, fabric reached
all-time high on the runway Lagerfeld.

Like any good to take on the American maximalism, the motto of the collection was "More, more, more!" In addition to the mentioned styles, Lagerfeld also offered some <EM> Pret A Jouer </ ... Read more »

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If the easiest formula for getting dressed in the morning is to mix basics with one standout piece, then Saint Laurent’s shocking pink glitter boots are set to be wardrobe MVPs. In the street-style photo above, they effortlessly transform a leather jacket and bandanna, and they’d do the same for jeans, T-shirts, and pretty much everything else hanging in your closet. Who would have thought sparkly shoes could be such a practical investment? Shop a similar look with our picks below.

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Lippes broke the news over Instagram this morning, captioning a picture of the Target logo in plaid with, “All about plaid.”

... Read more »

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If you watched this year’s  ... Read more »

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